Tips for Getting the Most from Your Estate Sale Shopping Experience
Estate Sale Shopping

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Estate Sale Shopping Experience

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Tips for Getting the Most from Your Estate Sale Shopping Experience

Whether you are looking for unique furniture for your first home or seek specific, hard-to-find collectibles, few shopping experiences prove as fun and worthwhile as estate sale shopping. At an estate sale, you can find the perfect mid-century modern settee for your living room, milk glass containers for your collection or even a Tiffany lamp. The beauty of a Raleigh, North Carolina estate sale is never knowing what you will find. Below are some tips for getting the most from your estate sale shopping experience.

Set a Budget and Know Accepted Payment Types

An estate sale can offer so much eye-candy that it can be hard to choose which items to buy. Know how much you have to spend before heading out to the venue. Also find out whether the liquidator accepts cash, credit cards or checks before you start shopping. Many only accept cash, while others can process debit and credit card transactions.

Dress Comfortably

When you set out for estate sale shopping, comfortable attire must be one of your key considerations. The last thing you want is for a pinching shoe to keep you from checking out all of the available treasures.

At most estate sales or estate liquidation venues, space is at a premium. You have to navigate tight corners, nooks and crannies. You may be fighting a crowd. There also is a bit of bending and stooping involved, as you check out things that catch your eye.

For all of these reasons, wear comfortable, flat shoes. Also wear clothing that enables you to freely move. Estate sale shopping in Raleigh is not the day to wear loose fabrics that catch on objects or those that easily soil or snag. Instead, dress casually and comfortably.

Leave Young Children at Home

Children become easily bored and rambunctious when shopping, as we all know. Estate sale shopping involves looking at a wide variety of items and taking your time to browse. Children generally do not enjoy this process and can feel impatient. Most estate sales also have a “you break it, you buy it” policy in effect. So on the days when you want to go estate sale shopping, your best bet is having a sitter for the kids.

Leave Your Purse and Shopping Bags in the Car

Many estate sales do not allow you to carry a large purse or shopping bags into the venue. With a purse, it is also easy to accidentally knock things over. It can be hard to closely examine pieces of interest with bulky bags in tow. So leave your purse and other bags in the trunk of your car or another safe place. If you need a purse, consider wearing a cross-body bag or hip pouch.

Bring the Right Vehicle for Your Purchases

If you set out for a day of estate sale furniture shopping, you must remember that transportation plays a key role in being able to buy your great finds. You need a vehicle large enough to contain and transport what you purchase. If you are looking for smaller items and drive a car, ensure the car has space for unexpected items, too.

Be Ready to Flex Your Muscles

If you buy furniture or other large items, be aware that you may be solely responsible for getting those items to your vehicle and off the premises. Bring someone with muscle power with you for your day of estate sale shopping. A second option is to have that person on telephone stand-by, in case you find something and need help.

Bring Cushioning for Fragile Items

If you buy a fragile lamp, dishware or cabinet with glass panes, the last thing you want is to break these items before getting them home. Remember to bring some old blankets, towels, newspapers or other cushioning items for your breakable purchases. If you drive a truck or van to your estate sale, consider whether you need tie-down ropes or bungees to secure things in place.

Above All Else, Have Fun When Estate Sale Shopping

More than anything else, enjoy your estate sale shopping day. You can easily spend hours browsing all of the available items and picking out your newest treasures. Simply plan ahead by following the above tips. If you have any questions about what to expect when shopping at a Raleigh estate sale, call Capital Bargain Barn at 919-852-5337