Signs You Have A Hoarding Problem

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Hoarding typically starts off as a small problem, but it can quickly turn into a big one. Many people are in denial about a hoarding problem. However, there are a number of signs that you may notice that if someone has a hoarding problem.

You Have the Urge to Get More Things

People who have a hoarding problem always get the urge to buy more things. Their family members and friends may tell that they do not need anymore. However, people cannot fight the urge to buy more things.

Parts of the Home are Not Usable

It is normal to have some clutter in your home. However, if you have too much clutter in your home, then you may not be able to use parts of it. In fact, many people cannot even access parts of their home due to the clutter.

You Have Strained Relationships

People who have a hoarding problem and live in a home with other people will likely have relationship problems. They may have been told that if they do not get rid of their things, then they will have to move out. People who have a hoarding problem and live alone may isolate themselves from others, which can put a strain on relationships.

Your Home is not Organized

There are many people who have a lot of things in their home. However, they have a place for everything in their home. Hoarders are unorganized. All of their belongings are stacked at random or stuffed inside of a room.

You Have The Items do not Have any Value

Many people like to hold onto things that have sentimental value. For example, they may want to hold onto family heirlooms. However, people who have a hoarding problem often hold onto the things that do not have any value. They may not be able to get rid of clothes that they have not worn in years. They may also hold onto newspapers, magazines and junk mail.

You are Afraid of Letting People Touch Your Items

People who have a hoarding problem may be protective of their items. They may also get angry if someone attempts to touch their items. They are afraid that someone will take their belongings.

Your Home is Unsanitary

Hoarders live in an unsanitary home. Living in an unsanitary home can develop health problems. The home may have a sink filled with unwashed dishes. It may also have piles of laundry. Additionally, the bathrooms may have filthy toilets.

You Deny That There is a Problem

Most people will never admit that they have a hoarding problem. They will insist that there is nothing wrong with having a house full of things that they do not need. They may not even realize that there is a problem. They may not even realize that their living conditions are unsafe and unsanitary.

You Refuse to get Help

Many people do not want to get help for their hoarding problem. Even if someone realizes that they have a problem, they may still not want to get help. There is a lot of shame associated with being a hoarder, which is why people refuse to get help. Many people who are hoarders also suffer from anxiety and depression. This can make it even more difficult to get the help that they need.

It is neither safe nor sanitary to live in a home with a hoarder. However, hoarding is often a problem that people cannot handle on their own. That is why you will need to contact Capital Bargain Barn in Raleigh if you are in need of hoarding cleanout.