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Pub Table by Adam Parks Furniture

  • Pub Table by Adam Parks Furniture

    Looking for that Pub Table that everyone that sees it for the first time will say WOW! Need to take a look at this NEW Adam Parks Pub Table! Google this piece and see what kind of prices you see it selling for ($2300 to $2500) and then check our price for only $695! This table is extremely well built, sturdy and heavy! This is a show piece of furniture. 40″ Square and 42″ tall. Looking for that new home for ONLY $695. Super Super deal on an Adan Parks table! We also have 2 bar stools in the pictures that are NEW from Butler Furniture, These stools are selling online for $419 each. We have at ONLY $149 EACH. They are new but made to look old and used. The Seat is 32″ high and the back of the stool is 42″ tall.

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