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    Take a look at this beautiful 4 drawer dresser. This is a Modern History Piece of furniture. If you are looking for really expensive furniture for the fraction of the price, he is a dresser for you.. We received a shipment of returns for imperfection or damage. Google Modern History 4 drawer dresser and see what you find !!! This dresser sells new for $3500 to $3800 depending on which web site you go to. This dresser does have a little damage to it on the bottom right hand corner and the top has a little paint chip on it. It is new, never used, just a little damage. Here is your chance to purchase a $3500 dresser for ONLY $495 !!!!!!!!! This is a super great deal 53″ wide, 22″ deep and 40″ tall.. We received several pieces of Modern History Furniture !!!!


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