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Liquidating An Estate | Capital Bargain Barn (919) 852-5337

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When it comes to liquidating an estate in Raleigh, an estate liquidator is likely who you need. Estate Liquidation by a professional helps minimize stress and maximize profits, quickly and efficiently. Working with a professional is in your best interest and will ensure your sale goes smoothly.

What Exactly Is Liquidating An Estate?

Estate liquidation in Raleigh is selling estate belongings and assets within a property. And sometimes property itself may ultimately be for sale as well. More often than not, this process occurs when a loved one passes away and those who were left the house and belongings have no need for them. There are various reasons why you may not want the property, including having no room for it or living in a different city or state. Or maybe just have no desire to move.

Prior to any real estate sale, the contents of the home must go. Possibly this might include things like, taking a ton of photos of items to post for sale. Uploading them all one by one to the appropriate market for each on the web. And even more daunting, if and when each item sells, then you must find a way to get each to the appropriate buyer. This process is difficult for those that do live nearby. Let alone those that may live in a different state completely.

If you task also involves selling the real estate, this can be yet another seemingly exhausting and possibly also challenging task.

All this at once can be extremely time consuming. If liquidating an estate is on your plate, strongly consider calling in the professional estate liquidators. They will clean out the estate in a timely fashion and efficiently. Which of course, would be the most effective way to accomplish the numerous tasks involved in estate liquidation. And in doing so also reduce your stress.

Working with a Professional Estate Liquidator

A professional estate liquidator is a person who has experience liquidating estates, that oversees your estate’s liquidation.

In general, there are three parts to the process: the pre-sale, the sale and the post-sale.

The pre-sale is when the professional estate liquidator goes to the property and assesses the value of the items you want to sell. If you have any family heirlooms or antiques,  it may be in your best interest to separate these items from the bulk liquidation sale.  This will ensure that you know how much they are worth.

During this time, the liquidator will get everything ready. This might include placing various items into lots. Smaller items are often grouped together to make the liquidation go faster. This might include putting various kitchen items together or combining knick-knacks and other decorations into one lot. For items such as furniture, these may be sold individually or with other items.

The sale is when people bid on the items you put up for sale. This could include having a live auction, where people come to the property, or having an online auction. If the auction is conducted online, there will usually be a set date and time when people need to pick up the items they have purchased.

After the sale is completed, the liquidator will ensure that the right people get their items. If you are selling the property as well as the belongings, the professional estate liquidator can also help facilitate that.

When Is Liquidating An Estate in Raleigh Necessary?

As mentioned, estate liquidation is most often used when trying to clean out belongings after a loved one has passed. However, you might consider this option if you or a loved one are relocating to senior housing. Liquidating your estate in Raleigh is best used if you are trying to sell a lot of belongings and property. If you are only planning on getting rid of a few things, then having a garage sale might be the better option.

Even when working with an estate liquidator, this process can take some time. Items have to be sorted through and put into lots. Sometimes, family members have a hard time letting things go. In addition, you want to give buyers time to look at the items so that they can decide if they want to buy them.

However, you don’t necessarily have to be present when the sale is going on, and you aren’t responsible for getting anything ready. If you don’t live near the property or this is too much for you to handle, working with a liquidator is the most beneficial way to handle this situation. You will get a percentage of the profits, as will the liquidator for their time and effort.

Finding an Estate Liquidator

If you need help liquidating an estate in or around the Raleigh Durham Triangle Area, contact Capital Bargain Barn at

(919) 852-5337

They have the skills and expertise to correctly value your loved one’s belongings and also locate the right buyers. This is a great way to reduce some stress and maximize estate profit, quickly and efficiently.