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Indications of a Hoarder

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The Ins and Outs of Hoarding

Hoarding is a major issue for many people who live all around the planet. It can have a psychological impact on individuals that is difficult to shake. It can negatively influence health in many ways, too. Hoarding isn’t only detrimental to mental well-being. The behavior can also contribute to an atmosphere that’s far from hygienic and therefore often a significant health hazard. If you’re looking for professional cleanup service these situations in the Raleigh, North Carolina region, the solution is as straightforward as calling Capital Bargain Barn Antiques & Used Furniture on Hillsborough Street. We offer clean up services that can turn lives around for the better. If you’re aware of any hoarding issue in Raleigh, we can help you take care of it. The first step is to be able to confidently identify possible indications of an individual who has a genuine hoarding problem.

Hoarders Cannot Discard of Their Belongings

An individual who cannot discard any belongings most likely has a hoarding problem. A person who refuses to use the trashcan probably is a hoarder. A person who hasn’t disposed of anything in years and years probably is one, too.

Hoarders Often Have Been Bonding With Items Since Youth

Hoarding tendencies often start when individuals are children. Hoarders in many cases bonded intensely with objects during their childhoods. A youngster who threw a fit after noticing that his mother got rid of an old stuffed animal may have hoarding behaviors that may appear in the future.

Hoarders Often Have “Off-Limits” Sections in Their Living Spaces

People who hoard tend to have homes that are absolute nightmares in the organization and cleanliness sectors. If an individual is a bona fide hoarder, there may be certain rooms in her home that are essentially useless. A hoarder may have a master bedroom that’s literally overflowing with miscellaneous objects. People may not even be able to step inside of it. A hoarder may not be able to see the floor in sections of her residence.

Hoarders Frequently Safeguard Items That Are Essentially Worthless

People who hoard in many situations do not restrict their behaviors to items that have any worth. Hoarders often hoard items that have zero meaning. They may hold on to outdated publications from decades and decades ago. They may hold on to clothing pieces that are the wrong size. It isn’t even unheard of for hoarders to maintain items that are faulty and that don’t work in any way.

Hoarders Are Often Reluctant to Welcome Guests

Hoarding environments tend to be extremely messy, and that’s no shocker. Heaps and heaps of clutter can be hard to navigate. Since hoarders generally reside in settings that are the opposite of clean and enticing, they frequently are reluctant to allow others into their living spaces. If an individual is so humiliated by the state of her home that she hasn’t had a guest over in a decade or so, then she probably has a serious hoarding issue on her hands. Hoarding actions can interfere greatly with peoples’ social lives and interactions with others in society.

Hoarders Sometimes Have Hygiene Difficulties

It’s no surprise that hoarding behaviors can lead to living spaces that are less than 100 percent hygienic and healthy. An individual who hoards may regularly consume meals off of plates that haven’t been properly washed in ages. A hoarder may fail to clean up lingering pet urine stains that have been on her carpeting for months. Hoarders are often unable to access flooring easily.

Hoarders Often Have Issues With Choices

It’s not unusual for hoarders to be on the fence about choices. If an individual seems to have trouble making choices that pertain to item placement in her home, then she may be a tried and tested hoarder. A hoarder may also have issues with interior arrangements and setups overall.

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