How to Choose a Folding Pub Table

How to Choose a Folding Pub Table

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How to Choose a Folding Pub Table

Are you looking for more table space for dining, crafts and entertaining, but are not sure about your options? A folding pub table can easily fulfill these purposes and can tuck away in a closet, corner or storage space when not needed. This means you can enjoy having the table surface and seating when you need them without cluttering your floorspace when you do not.

Buying a folding pub table at Capital Bargain Barn is easy. We provide a constantly renewing inventory of quality new furniture alongside our estate and antique selection. You can check out our Facebook page for the latest pieces or visit our vast Raleigh, NC store near the state fairgrounds.

What is a folding pub table?

A folding pub table is a pub-height portable tabletop with folding legs. The height makes this type of table perfect for entertaining, crafts and dining wherever you need extra surface space. When you host family dinners or neighborhood get-togethers, you do not have to worry about having enough seating with one or more of these tables. But when the party is over, you can neatly store the unit out of sight and out of mind.

Having an extra sturdy table is always helpful during the holidays and even everyday as your family and friend group grow. Whether you choose to use your folding pub table year-round or only once in awhile, it proves worthwhile.

Types of Folding Tables

Folding pub tables are only one type of the many available folding tables on the market today, many of which Capital Bargain Barn brings into our inventory. Your options are almost limitless, with so many sizes, shapes, heights, materials and uses to choose from. When you know how you will use your table, choosing the right one is easy.

Below are some of the many types of folding tables:

  • Bed trays, small trays that fit over your lap for eating or working while in bed
  • TV trays, individually-sized mini-tables for eating in front of the television
  • Puzzle, craft and card tables, the common square metal and vinyl game tables
  • Foldable dining tables, rectangular or round dining tables slightly larger than folding game tables
  • Folding pub tables, pub height folding tables excellent for dining, crafts and entertaining

Materials of Folding Pub Tables

Folding tables, such as a quality folding pub table, come in a variety of materials. The material you should choose depends on your purpose for it. The three most common materials in their construction include wood, plastic or resin and metal.

Wood folding pub tables provide a more elegant variation on their plastic and metal counterparts. These are typically made of pressure laminate or particle board to provide the beauty of natural wood and stability other materials cannot match. The frame and folding legs are typically metal.

Plastic and resin folding tables provide a lightweight, yet hard surface that resists spills and stains. Legs are generally steel.

Metal folding tables also prove lightweight for easy storing. These tables best suit outdoor use in fair weather such as for camping. But over the long term they can rust. The surface and legs are metal, such as aluminum or steel.

Finding Your Ideal Folding Pub Table

If you need extra work, crafting, dining or entertaining space and want a folding pub table to fulfill these purposes, you can find your ideal options at Capital Bargain Barn at 5211 Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, NC. We offer many unique finds in new, estate and antique home furnishings. Visit our Facebook page, come into the store or call us at 919-852-5337.