Estate liquidation vs estate clean

Estate Liquidation & Estate Cleanup: What’s The Difference?

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Estate liquidation and estate cleanup: the first clear out a house; the second clean out a house. Typically, both involve liquidating the personal possessions of someone who has passed on. They’re also used in divorce, foreclosure or relocation downsizing. For families or individuals enduring this process, it may grind from weeks to months. There are also hoarder cleanups, eliminating massive collections of items.

The experience is physically demanding and emotionally draining. Releasing attachments to loved ones’ possessions is daunting. Without professional assistance, disposing of an estate can compound the stress of a loved one’s death.

Here is an explanation of each of these services:


The word “estate” means property, and estate liquidation means “property sale.” It’s much more than a yard sale with kids helming a lemonade stand. And, unlike a yard sale, it’s intended to sell all of the deceased’s possessions quickly and profitably. Estate liquidation isn’t limited to Crown Jewels and Ming vases. It includes ordinary items. Typically, the decedent’s family members keep various items of sentimental value, but not a houseful of furniture, sports equipment, rugs and other personal belongings. Larger items such as cars, boats, RVs, and even livestock, are included. Estate liquidation is part of the healing process after a death, helping people move on.

Estate liquidations can also benefit charities

Also, estate liquidation can smooth senior relocation. Moving is one of life’s top stressors. It can traumatize a senior who is moving to a smaller apartment, condo or assisted living. Seniors who have spent decades in the same house, with its memories and keepsakes, may be devastated by leaving it. And liquidation can be overwhelming if attempted solely by relatives. Professional assistance from Raleigh’s Capital Bargain Barn can relieve this pressure.


Estate cleanout is the complete removal of everything in a house. What should I do with everything? Should I sort through everything? How can it all be removed? Do I need a permit? How do I determine if something is valuable or not?

Cleanout simplifies this process. It’s a full-scale sweep of anything and everything in a house:– furniture, kitchenware, books, washing machines, refrigerator contents, tools — until the house is bare. Cleanout also handles recyclables. Depending on the job’s complexity, it can span two to three days.


Cleanout is also invaluable in hoarder situations. Hoarding is a serious condition which means by an obsessive collection of vast amounts of objects. The home of the first hoarder was full, with more than 100 tons of stuff.

Hoarders fear discarding items, regardless of their value, and stockpile them until they engulf the home. Piles may be ceiling-high, wall-to-wall, and block rooms. Hoarders often move things from one pile to another with discarding anything. The clutter can mask a cauldron of buried hazards, including pest/rat infestation, rotting food, trash, mold, human/animal waste, and even pet carcasses.

Hoarder cleanouts are challenging. The hoarder may be unwilling to surrender their belongings, and resistant to the cleanout. Everything will not be discarding, though. Within the tangle of debris often hide valuable items worth keeping. Additionally, everything, including refrigerators, drawers and closets, will be clean. Raleigh’s Capital Bargain Barn can provide respectful, non-judgmental cleanout in sensitive hoarder situations.

Capital Bargain Barn of Raleigh, NC can professionally and compassionately help you through a liquidation. We will keep things running smoothly if you’re having a hard time parting with beloved possessions. We also knowledgeably conduct estate sales and capably market them. Our expertise in analyzing and pricing each item for sale is unparalleled.

Lastly, if you’d like to know more about how we can ease you through this painful transition, please give us a call. Because we’re not just about de-cluttering. We’re about restoring quality of life.