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6 Tips for an Easy Estate Cleanout or Liquidation

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Are you in need of estate liquidation and cleanout services in Raleigh? Estate liquidation service providers exist to help homeowners who are experiencing a downsize in their lifestyles. Also, there are many life circumstances that force people to downsize their lifestyles. Some examples include a major lifestyle change, divorce, death of a family member or a crippling debt. Regardless of the reason behind the downsize, you need to find an estate cleanout services provider. Also, we will help you take care of cleaning out your property.

Why Hire an Estate Cleanout Services Provider in Raleigh?

Hiring an estate cleanout services provider is beneficial for many reasons. One reason is we will handle the entire process so that you won’t have to bear the stress. Granted, when it comes to liquidating assets maybe after the death of an elderly parent or as part of a divorce settlement, the whole process can be emotionally and physically tasking.

In the United States, an average home has a floor space of about 2,500 square feet most of which is normally covered with different types of household goods and items. Also, the process of separating and cleaning out all the stuff you have can prove to be overwhelming. Therefore, hiring an estate cleaning services provider in Raleigh will ensure that your estate cleanout is handled by professionals so that you won’t have to do it all by yourself.

Six Tips for an Estate Liquidation and Clean-up

An estate liquidation has some semblance to an estate sale. Both are concerned with liquidating the estate. However, an estate sale covers contents that are not typically covered in an estate liquidation process. When planning to liquidate your estate, the right professional to talk to is an estate liquidator. Also, the American Society of Estate Liquidators estimates the number of duly registered estate liquidators to stand at approximately 14,000. The Society has set strict academic, experience and ethical requirements that all of its registered members must abide by. However, just like in any other profession, the estate liquidation industry is awash with unqualified people who have set themselves up and are offering estate liquidation and clean up services to unsuspecting clients.

If you are planning to undertake estate liquidation or clean up, you are highly advised to cherry-pick the estate liquidator that you will hire for this all-important task. Also, you should also take part to some extent in the process to ensure that the process is completed to your satisfaction. Here we suggest some key considerations that should guide you through the estate liquidation and clean-up process:

i. Secure all your financial records

Make sure that you have gathered all your critical financial documents and placed them in a safe place where you can access them later. Also, some documents that should be kept safe include real estate deeds, trusts and will, life insurance policies, 401(k) records, bank statements and any other document that might be needed when filing your income tax returns.

ii. Be attentive

Check through all the items to make sure that valuable items are not lost in the process. People often stash valuable items in the unlikely of places. Look through drawers, pockets safety deposit boxes, you might just come across something that you or your loved one stashed and forgot.

iii. Share the items with family members

Talk to your family members and find out of there is any item or items they would like to keep from the estate. This will help reduce the amount of stuff that you will need to liquidate and clean up.

iv. Keep Memorabilia

Life is full of moments some of which are captured in family photos and videos. Also, find these memorabilia and keep them safe. These valuable family treasures are of little to no value to outsiders.

v. Engage the service of an estate appraiser

If your estate has valuable antiques, furniture, and jewelry, you can get a better sale price for these items by getting an accurate valuation of these items from a professional appraiser.

vi. Engage an estate liquidator

Owing to the fact that the entire process of estate liquidation and clean up is emotionally and physically tasking, you should consider hiring a professional estate liquidator who will handle all the heavy lifting for you.

A final thought:

If you are planning to liquidate or clean up your estate, settle for an estate liquidator who will be punctual, respectful and patient with you. At Capital Bargain Barn, we promise you professionalism in handling your estate liquidation and clean up. Contact us today and let us discuss how we can be of service to you.

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