How to Pick the Perfect Chest of Drawers for Your Raleigh Bedroom
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How to Pick the Perfect Chest of Drawers for Your Raleigh Bedroom

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A good chest of drawers is an important part of your bedroom. These dressers provide storage and help keep your living space clutter free, even freeing up more room in your closet in which to expand your wardrobe. But these drawer consoles are available in so many widths, heights, drawer counts, depths and styles. At Capital Bargain Barn in Raleigh, NC, we make finding the perfect chest of drawers easier. We do so by providing options that fit in your home décor beautifully.

Below, we provide some insight into how to choose your perfect chest of drawers. To check out our currently available selection of dresser styles and dimensions for your bedroom, visit our Facebook page or the physical Capital Bargain Barn store in Raleigh near the NC State Fairgrounds. We update our selection on a daily basis. So, you can always find something new at Capital Bargain Barn!

1. Determine Your Floor Space and Dimensions

Standard bedroom dressers feature between six and nine drawers. They usually measure to a height of between 26 to 44 inches, to hit at the average person’s waist area. Widths typically vary between 36 inches and 60 inches long. To find the perfect fit for your bedroom, determine where you will place your chest of drawers and allow for a depth of between 16 to 20 inches from the wall. Determine the maximum size to fit your space and write that down or program into your smartphone to ensure you choose the right piece.

For a narrower area of your bedroom, you can alternatively choose a bureau, also called a highboy or dresser. This type of chest of drawers is tall and narrow, typically measuring between 44 and 60 inches high and 30 to 40 inches wide. A benefit of choosing a bureau over a standard long dresser is that it makes your room look more spacious and occupies less floor space, at the same time.

2. Consider how much storage you need in a chest of drawers.

When shopping for a chest of drawers, it helps to know what you need to store in it and how much space these items occupy in a drawer. For example, some chest of drawers units feature shallow top drawers for storage of items like ties, handkerchiefs, wallets, keys and jewelry. Others do not have these and instead feature only deep drawers for clothing.

Consider what you need to place in your chest of drawers in order to choose the right unit. Examples of what you may store include:

  • Socks
  • Lingerie
  • Underwear
  • Jewelry
  • Tee shirts
  • Shorts
  • Pants and jeans
  • Workout clothing
  • Sweaters

Obviously, sweaters are bulkier than tee shirts or socks. For sweater storage, look for a unit with deep drawers, usually two to three of these along the base of the unit. Double dressers feature wider and larger drawers for greater storage space.

3. Find a store with a good selection of high quality chest of drawers units.

Now that you have a rough idea of what dimensions you need, the type of storage space and what you will place in your new dresser, it is time to check out a great selection. Capital Bargain Barn in Raleigh features an ever-changing collection of furnishings for every room in your home.

Capital Bargain Barn’s selection includes chest of drawers units of all kinds, sizes, styles and dimensions. You can find something to suit your contemporary home, modern aesthetic, traditional style or even a vintage or eclectic setting. In fact, in addition to our selection of brand new chest of drawers, we also offer estate pieces and antiques.

Visit our store in Raleigh at 5211 Hillsborough Street near the fairgrounds or check out our Facebook page for some of our best-selling chest of drawers and other new arrivals. You can also learn about us on our website or call Capital Bargain Barn at (919)852-5337.