Why Opt for Estate Liquidation

Are you trying to locate a world-class estate liquidation service in the Triangle? We hear you. Capital Bargain Barn is a local company that focuses on used furniture and antiques galore. We also focus on first-class estate liquidation service. If you’re looking for skilled professionals who can assist you with in-depth property cleanouts, hoarding cleanouts […]

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6 Tips for an Easy Estate Cleanout or Liquidation

Are you in need of estate liquidation and cleanout services in Raleigh? Estate liquidation service providers exist to help homeowners who are experiencing a downsize in their lifestyles. There are many life circumstances that force people to downsize their lifestyles. Some examples include a major lifestyle change, divorce, death of a family member or a […]

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Why Choose Capital Bargain Barn for your Estate Liquidation

People in Raleigh choose to liquidate their estate for a variety of reasons. Some people choose to liquidate their estate after their loved one passes away. Others opt for estate liquidation so that they can pay off their debts. Additionally, many people liquidate their estate before they move. If you are interested in estate liquidation, […]

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Benefits of Professional Clean-Outs

People hoard for a variety of reasons. Many people hoard because they believe that the items will be valuable in the future. Others hoard because they have a psychological disorder such as anxiety and depression. Hoarding can be dangerous because it can lead to health problems. Clutter and garbage in a home can increase the […]

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care for your antique furniture

How To Care For Your Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is a nice investment. However, it can be more difficult to maintain than regular furniture. There are a number of things that you can do in order to maintain your antique furniture. Maintaining your furniture will help you keep your furniture looking great for the years to come. Protect Your Furniture From Harmful […]

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1969 Volkswagen for sale

1969 Volkswagen Bus For Sale

Everyone, Meet Flossy !!!!!!!!!!! She is a 1969 Volkswagen Bus and is in excellent health. Has been garage kept for the last 10 of 11 years. Showing 87,000 miles but not sure how many times the speedometer has rolled if any. Had a total checkup about a year ago, all new brakes, emergency brake cable, […]

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