1969 Volkswagen for sale

1969 Volkswagen Bus For Sale

Everyone, Meet Flossy !!!!!!!!!!! She is a 1969 Volkswagen Bus and is in excellent health. Has been garage kept for the last 10 of 11 years. Showing 87,000 miles but not sure how many times the speedometer has rolled if any. Had a total checkup about a year ago, all new brakes, emergency brake cable, […]

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6 Antique Collecting Mistakes

6 Antique Collecting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Antique collecting is among one of the most enthralling hobbies that anyone can pursue. As a collector, you will encounter unique histories paired with one-of-a-kind artifacts. The problem is that not every antique is worthwhile, nor is every story worth its salt. Some antiques have unique pitfalls that can seriously harm your reputation and your […]

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Antique Tables

Buying Antique Tables: What to Look For

Antiques stand as a stark contrast in a world where most furniture is sold by giant-box retailers. They represent furniture that has a sense of nobility and class while having a history that makes each piece a unique and irreplaceable furnishing. Tables represent one of the most accessible types of American antiques. They’re functional, stylish […]

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