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Bar Stools: Turn Your Basement Into a Bar

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bar stoolsBasements are often wasted spaces crying out for decoration and use. They can be dark and eerie in their original state. But with a little imagination and some design skills, you can turn your basement into a comfortable retreat. You can make your basement a man cave, playroom or even a media lounge and bar, complete with pub tables and bar stools.

Homeowners used to simply turn the basement into another family room or space for the kids to spread out their toys and play. But many Raleigh area people are choosing instead to make it a space for the adults in the family to entertain. This is particularly true after the recent pandemic shut down public spaces, such as bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Basement Bar Ideas for Your Raleigh Home

How you transform your basement into a bar depends on how many square feet you have available. But once you have a general idea of what you want to do, you only have to reimagine the space and start bringing it to life.

Below are some design ideas that work well in basement bars and entertainment spaces:

White with Warm Wood

White backdrops make colorful liquor bottles and lighting stand out. But you do not have to give into the boring whitewashed wall approach. Instead, use white subway tiles or other tiling to add a fashionable look. By mixing white with wooden bar stools or pub chairs in warm colors, your space can feel brighter with the lights on and reflective in the dark.

Custom Drawer and Cabinet Pulls

If your basement bar has drawers and cabinets, as most do, think about adding some subtle flair through custom door and drawer pulls. These knobs or handles are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and finishes. You can even craft your own, if you are looking for something unique. Consider using elements common to a bar, in order to maintain your theme.

Comfortable Seating

For any bar, you need seating. These seat options should vary for individual comfort and socialization. Some suggestions include:

  • Wooden bar stools
  • Swivel bar stools
  • Metal bar stools
  • Backless bar stools
  • Pub height stools
  • Pub height chairs
  • Sofas
  • Upholstered chairs

Remember that the height of bar stools and pub chairs is more inviting for socialization, particularly when you have people standing around these spaces when entertaining. The height encourages people to move from group to group and enjoy your whole space, instead of sinking into one chair and staying put. However, you can also soften your space through conversation areas or media spaces with softer, comfier seating like upholstered chairs and sofas.

Under-Shelf Lighting
The problem with many basement bars is that they are too bright for an entertainment vibe or too dark and creepy. Warm your space and heighten the mood by installing under-shelf lighting. These subtle lights cast downward, illuminating spaces where drinks are mixed and poured. They also help you see bottle labels and other tools you need to keep the vibe going. At the same time, their position is not directly in anyone’s eyes, ensuring a cozy, bar-like atmosphere.


Other Options for Your Basement Bar

Other ways to make great social use of your basement as a bar include:

Installing a Kitchen
Having a bar in your basement means needing some snacks down there, too. Why keep running between the upstairs and the downstairs, when you can have a mini-kitchen equipped and ready for entertaining?

A Great Sound System
Most of us have adult friends with rock band dreams. Think about installing the electronics needed to host a friendly DJ or band from within your friend group. A little live music makes any venue more entertaining. For the most of this experience, ensure you have ample standing, dancing and seating room. This is also when it helps to have bar stools and pub height chairs available for people to see over and around standing people.

Specialty Food and Drink Machines
When crafting your bar, do not forget about the popcorn machine, margarita blender or other food and drink stations you may want. These can make entertaining easier and a lot more fun.


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