How To Buy Antique Wooden Furniture For Your Home
Buy Antique Wooden Furniture

How To Buy Antique Wooden Furniture For Your Home

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It is like going on a thrilling treasure hunt when you are looking for antique furniture. However, it might be difficult finding exactly what you want, since you have limited buying time and so many choices. If you fall in love with a unique piece of furniture, you have to act quickly before somebody else buys it. Before you even go shopping, decide exactly what kind of antique furniture you want. Keep these handy criteria in mind when you are choosing vintage furniture:

What Is My Style?

Your home may have a specific design that would call for certain furniture styles. Your choices would be narrowed down to these. Designing trends for today give you a little more wiggle room. Popular eclectic styles such as shabby-chic or primitive embrace just about any kind of antique furniture you want in them. Once you have established your decorating style, then furniture shopping can be much easier.

How Much Is My Budget?

Figure out how much you can spend before you even go to a furniture place. Your total budget might be for a single piece or for several items. Do a little research online and look at antique furniture that matches your style. If you get a ballpark figure, then you have a better idea of whether you are getting a good deal or not. Having a specific dollar amount is helpful when you are attending an auction. You will be less likely to get into the thrill of buying and overspend.

What Is The Purpose Of This Piece?

Since you are probably working within a tight budget, you cannot afford to buy random furniture without a purpose. Look at the room you are redecorating and decide what furniture is needed. When you are purchasing a piece, it should have a specific purpose. Do not be afraid to repurpose items. An antique high boy dresser would be a stunning storage piece in your new living room.

Will This Furniture Fit In My Room?

An interior designer’s best friend is the tape measure. If you do not have one, you can pick one up cheaply at any hardware or home improvement center. Measure the places in the room that you plan on filling with furniture. For example, if you were in the market for antique end tables, you would measure the space between the sides of your couch and the wall. You will know exactly how big the tables can be. You should also know how wide your front door and entrances to the room are.

When you are considering a piece to buy, always bring your tape measure to see if it will fit. Nothing is more frustrating than to get a nice piece of furniture home and find that it will not fit. Depending on where you bought the item, you may not be able to return it for a refund. Play it safe and pack your tape measure with you.

How Will This Piece Blend With My Décor?

A piece of vintage furniture may be lovely on the showroom floor; however, it may completely clash in your redecorated room. If you are in an antique store, take pictures of the piece and compare it to pictures of your room. This is not always possible at an antique auction or a garage sale. Just consider all the furniture that is already in the room before you buy another piece.

What Kind Of Wood Do I Want?

It is okay to blend furniture made of different types of wood in your home décor. If you do not know what you really want, then take a look at wood samples in your local home improvement center. Antique wooden furniture can be made out of any number of woods, such as walnut, oak, cherry, and other premium woods. Because they were made of aged trees, vintage furniture wood tends to be better quality than new creations.

What Type Of Finish Is On The Piece?

Wooden furniture has a protective finish that keeps it safe from moisture and small scratches. The usual finishes are stain, paint, or lacquer. You might find some unique pieces that were oiled or fumed. More recent pieces often are finished with a thin wooden veneer. It is most desirable to find wooden furniture with its original finish. Before you think about buying a piece to refinish, remember that having an original finish often makes it more valuable.

What Kind Of Hardware Is On the Furniture?

Hardware is to vintage furniture as jewelry is to a beautiful outfit. Artisan drawer pulls, hinges, and knobs create a unique style for furniture. Antique hardware is often handmade from brass or other quality metals. Try to purchase antique furniture that has its original hardware.

Like the finish, original hardware helps retain a piece’s value. If there is some hardware missing and the piece is a good buy, you can always find vintage hardware online. If you really love the piece, your last resort would be to find a piece of hardware that looks vintage.

What Kind Of Joinery Does The Piece Have?

Yesterday’s furniture was lovingly handcrafted and assembled to last for generations. Joinery is the methods used to hold the piece together. Most people are familiar with dove-tail joints, which were used to assemble drawers. There are other types of joinery used in vintage furniture, such as tenon, finger, and butterfly joints. It is a far cry from modern furniture that often is held together by cheap screws and staples.

What Is The Furniture’s Provenance?

Some antique stores can tell you the history of a piece, such as former owners. It is fascinating to hear about where something was made and about the people who loved it. Even if you pick up a bargain in a yard sell, it may have been in the family for a long time. If you did not get a provenance on a piece of furniture you bought, it is fine. You can do some research on the style of the piece and at least see where it could have been produced.

You can shop in antique stores or go to auctions to find antique furniture. Many people find gorgeous vintage pieces in their local thrift stores or by perusing garage sales in their neighborhood. With a little planning and a sharp eye for a bargain, you can redecorate a room with vintage wooden furniture that the whole family will love.

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