Buying An Antique Piece Of Furniture

5 Considerations When Buying An Antique Piece

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Buying An Antique Piece Of Furniture

Are you thinking about buying antique piece to add to your household decor? It’s exciting to own a piece of furniture that has an interesting history.

At Capital Bargain Barn, we have a unique selection of vintage furniture for your kitchen, bedroom, front hallway or any other room in your house.

Consider a few points to keep in mind as you look for an item of furniture that is perfect for your home.

» Does The Antique Piece Flow With My Home’s Style?

As you shop for vintage furniture, think about the style of your home. Maybe you’d like to add a desk to your study. You already have an antique mahogany bookshelf and an end table from the 1930s. Perhaps you should go with a desk in the same type of wood from that same era in history. This would make the pieces of décor in your study flow well together.

Alternatively, your rooms may be made up of vintage pieces from different eras. This gives you more leeway as to what you choose for the various rooms in your home.

 » Is The Antique Piece The Right Size For The Room?

Sometimes when you see an antique piece, you are overwhelmed by its beauty and design. For example, you see a lovely dining room table from the 1940s. Its pure walnut top glows under the lights. The dining table seats ten people. However, your dining room is just big enough for a table that seats six people.

In short, you can choose a lovely antique dining room table, but it must suit the dimensions of your dining room. Our helpful staff at Capital Bargain Barn can give you the measurements of tables, beds, sofas and other pieces of vintage furniture available in our store. We want you to find a piece of furniture that you’ll be happy with.

» What Is The Condition Of The Furniture Piece?

When looking at a vintage piece of furniture you can learn a lot about its condition by looking at its details. For instance, if you’re considering an older desk, look at the handles or knobs on its drawers. Are they loose or overly worn? Of course, an antique is definitely going to have some wear and tear, but that is part of its charm!

A simple test you can do to evaluate the condition of a vintage chair is to sit in it. Move your body side to side to see if the chair feels sturdy beneath your weight. Many antique chairs still feel sturdy despite being used for decades.

When considering a table, desk, chair or sofa, move it into an area with excellent light. Get a good look at it from all angles to see if there are any places on it that are especially worn. Our staff can help you examine a piece of furniture, so you feel completely at ease with your purchase.

» Is There Something Extra Special About The Antique Piece?

Most people love vintage furniture because of an extra special feature. In fact, it’s fun to point out the feature to guests and others visiting your home. You may buy a 19th century desk with a roll-top. A roll-top is something that makes a desk an extra special furniture piece in a home.

Maybe you find and purchase an antique furniture piece for your kitchen made in the 19th century. A beautiful cupboard that still has the original knobs on its drawers! This tiny detail makes it especially unique. Be on the lookout for items that pique your interest and have an extra dash of flair.

» What Is The History Of The Furniture Item?

In addition to having creative details, an antique piece can also have an intriguing history. Our staff members can let you in on any history we know about a kitchen cupboard, chair, table, sideboard or any other item we have available in our inventory. Sometimes an interesting history adds even more enjoyment to a vintage piece of furniture.

If you’re looking for an item of vintage furniture from a specific era, let us know. Visit Capital Bargain Barn today and we’ll help you find a beautiful piece of antique furniture. It’s sure to become a highlight in your home’s decor.

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