Things to Know About Antique Furniture Appraisal
Antique Furniture Appraisal

Things to Know About Antique Furniture Appraisal

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Do you have antique furniture sitting around your home? Are you considering selling it or are you just curious about how much it’s worth? Whether you are planning on getting rid of it or keeping it, it’s always helpful to know how much the furniture is worth. Therefore, an antique furniture appraisal can certainly help with that endeavor.

Types of Antique Furniture Appraisals

When it comes to antique furniture Raleigh, there are several different types of appraisals you can have done. These should be done by a professional, as they’ll have the best idea about the value of your furniture. These antique furniture appraisals include the following:

Estate Tax Appraisals

If you have acquired furniture after a loved one has passed on, the federal government may be curious to know how much it is worth for tax recording purposes. More often than not, they’ll have their own professionals who will perform the appraisal, and it is based on how much similar items are worth.

Insurance Appraisals

Natural disasters can occur without warning, and if you are planning on keeping your antique furniture Raleigh, you want to ensure that it is protected should the unexpected happen. Getting insurance for your antique furniture can also protect you if your items get burgled. For this appraisal, a professional will look at the condition, age, scarcity and origin of your furniture, and this will help them come up with a value. Once you have this on hand, you can store it in a safe place and turn it into your insurance agent if/when you have to file a claim.

Market Value Antique Furniture Appraisal

If you have decided you want to sell your antique items, then you’ll want to get a market value appraisal. These aren’t always as in-depth as the other two options, and the professional may be able to do it on-site. More than likely, this appraisal won’t be an exact price, which gives you some wiggle room to try to sell your piece for more or less than it may be worth.

Things to Look for in an Antique Furniture Appraiser

When it comes to finding the value of your antique furniture Raleigh, you want to make sure you are getting the best and highest price. Thus, to find the right appraiser, below are the things you need to consider:

Make Sure They Have Experience Appraising Antique Furniture That is Similar to Yours

There are a lot of different antiques in the world, and certain professionals may focus on a specific time period or pieces. This makes them experts in that field, but they may not have experience with your particular collection. To ensure you are getting a fair and correct price, make sure to work with someone who knows about your specific furniture.

Ask About Their Apprasial Experience

In addition to knowing what types of furniture they have the skill and ability to appraise, it’s also beneficial to find out how long they’ve been doing it. If they have years of experience, then they have probably seen a variety of different pieces and have a pretty good idea of supply and demand. Finding an appraiser with experience is the best way to get the best price for your furniture.

Check Out Their Reviews from Other Customers

Living in the digital age means you have quick and easy access to a lot of information online. The antique appraiser you plan on working with should have a website, as well as reviews on various sites. Take the time to see what others have to say about them. This is a great way to determine if others were satisfied with their services. Additionally, checking out the potential appraiser’s online reviews, could help tell you if they are the right appraiser for you.

Don’t Rush the Process, Your Antique Furniture Piece has been Around for a While…. It Will Remain Patient While You Find A Worthy Antique Furniture Appraiser for the Job.

Finding the right antique appraiser for your needs may take some time. You want to ensure that you are getting a fair and reasonable price for your belongings. Because of that, it’s best that you don’t rush the process. Keep in mind, when they give you the antique furniture appraisal in Raleigh, this is coming from an objective perspective.

Do you have any sentimental value attached to a piece? If so, then you might think it’s worth more than it really is. Your antique furniture appraiser or potential buyer looks at it, they don’t see sentimental value. All they see is the furniture. A professional will determine the price of the piece based on age, where it was made, its rarity & the condition it’s in.

Knowing the value of your antique furniture can be incredibly beneficial. If you are planning on selling, an antique furniture appraisal cancan be of great assistance. Should you decide to keep it, then knowing what it’s worth will help with insurance should anything happen. Whether you are keeping or selling, having a professional conduct the appraisal is in your best interest. Contact

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