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Qualities Of Valuable Antique Furniture or Accessories

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If you are planning to buy antique furniture or accessories, it is advisable to try out something that has value after years of use. Even though new furniture designs are emerging every day, antique furniture stands high chances of retaining value over a long duration. Antiques enrich your house with history, character and a sense of warmth that lack modern accessories. If you like antique fixtures, here are a few things you need to understand.

Most people buy antique accessories for their beauty, value and the history they hold. While these are essential aspects to consider, the rule of the thumb is to buy what you like. You can always purchase the pieces of furniture or accessories you admire whether they have value in the eyes of others or not. But if you are buying antiques for the first time, the RADAR rule can help you make an informed decision. RADAR stands for Rare, Desirable, Authentic and Really good condition. If the antiques in question fulfill these qualities, they are worth buying. Let us discuss each of these qualities in details:


If no one owns the antique furniture in your area of residence, the chances are that it is pretty valuable. Consider products that only a few were made initially. Examples are pieces of furniture like gold boxes, which were made for wealthy people. You should also look for unique color, shape, design and the name of the original designer. If it is hard to reproduce the product or artifact, it is worth having in your home.

But you should never invest in damaged products that do not give you value. The reputable antique dealers in Raleigh try to preserve a few of the original pieces so you can always find useful ones. You should focus on buying furniture accessories that were created using old technology that is not available today. This reduces the chances of reproducing them.


Antique pieces have all aspects blending in perfect harmony. The designers from the olden days used to apply a combination of skills to create a masterpiece. While modern furniture focuses on durability and usefulness, antique furniture has an overall pleasant appearance that is rare to find.

Most people believe that personal tastes and preferences determine the aesthetic value of a product. While this is true to some extent, some artwork and furniture tend to exhibit universal beauty that appeals to almost everyone. These are the best products to buy.


You need to buy something desirable in the current market. Some products that were deemed dull and useless in the last century may be the most desired products in the market today. It is crucial to assess the desirability of the antiques based on the current situation. More popular products have a higher value.


It is, therefore, essential to make sure the antiques you are about to buy are original and not shadows of the original. Ask for details and research to figure out if the antique product is unique. Is the signature on the antique furniture real? Is the product from the original artist? These are some of the things you should find out.

You also need to separate truth from fiction and mystery associated with antiques. Many stories surround antiques, and it is essential to know what is true and what is not. An exciting story about the origin of a particular piece of furniture might influence you to buy it at a higher price. Also, pay attention to the design and materials used to create antique furniture. This will prevent you from buying something made of cheap metal or wood at a higher cost.

Really Good Condition

Avoid investing in broken or useless antiques. While a lot has happened since your favorite antique furniture was created, you should buy it only if it is in good condition. Checking the status of the antique furniture will prevent you from accumulating several broken pieces. If antique accessories are damaged, you can have them carefully repaired to avoid altering the original design.

Choosing antiques is not an easy task. It requires skills and experience. Do you want to buy your favorite furniture from the antique store near you? The tips highlighted above can help you pick the best. If you are in Raleigh, you can get in touch with us if you want to buy or sell your antique furniture.