Choosing the Perfect Accent Chair
Accent Chair

Choosing the Perfect Accent Chair

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Choosing the Perfect Accent Chair

An accent chair can add so much to your living space. Besides expanding your seating options, such a chair can add depth to your furniture layout. It adds a glimpse into your personality, too. Placing a comfy chair next to a lamp or window can even create a new area for reading, personal reflection, meditation or conversation.

A Constantly Updated Selection of Accent Chairs in Raleigh

Capital Bargain Barn off Hillsborough Street in Raleigh, North Carolina offers a wide, always changing selection of accent chairs and other home furnishings. People from all over the Triangle Area and even other parts of North Carolina enjoy shopping with us at our location near PNC Arena or from the updated listings on our Facebook page. You can enjoy this convenience, too, when looking for the perfect accent chair for your home.

Select an Accent Chair that Defines Your Style

When selecting a new accent chair, it is important to narrow your field of options. There are so many shapes, styles, colors, patterns and design eras from which to choose! Unless you know what you are looking for, finding the right fit can take a long time.

Start by defining your room’s style and space. Do you need a chair to conform to your traditional, contemporary, minimalist, modern or sleek décor? It is important to consider your home’s style.

Remember to Think About the Chair’s Use

It is also important to think about how you want to use the area in which you will add this chair. Do you see yourself reading or watching TV in this new seating? Or, will you mostly use it for guests, conversation and decorative purposes?

Accent chair selections go well beyond the club style or a modern armchair. You can choose from designs with arms, a matching ottoman or footrest. Or you can choose a sleek chaise lounge for comfortable sophistication. Oversized chairs invite you to linger and curl up. A brightly hued option can enliven an otherwise bland room through a “pop of color.”

Beyond comfort and visual appeal, take durability into consideration where you think an accent chair will experience heavy use. Consider leather or another durable upholstery for recreation or living areas. If you will place the chair in a hallway or guest room, style is more important than function. In these cases, you can go for beautiful upholstery that would not stand up to everyday use. For a dining room or breakfast nook, choose stable, firm and sturdy models with easily-cleaned materials and appropriate proportions for sitting at the table.

Placement Matters

Where you intend to place your accent chair heavily influences its proportions. Your room must retain its style and functioning without feeling overcrowded. An accent chair placed in a bedroom can expand use of the space and also adds cozy appeal. In areas of low traffic, consider adding a chair with an ottoman or reclining capabilities. Regardless of your choice, foot traffic must easily move around the chair and not trip over it.

Size and Scale for the Right Fit

Scale is important to ensure your accent chair fits with the other furnishings in your room. You need to consider proportions when choosing your ultimate seating option. Do not choose a tiny chair for a large room or a large chair for a small space. Ensure seat height is in good balance with the sofa or other seating in the same room. Avoid chairs that are very low to the floor, such as for guests of varying heights. For small visitors, avoid selecting an accent chair with lengthy seat proportions.

Quantity of Chairs for Your Room

If you buy only one accent chair, will it appear lost in your large room? If you want to encourage conversation in an area of your home, one chair will not suffice. You need at least two, whether to provide space for talking or to adequately fill the void in your floor plan. But in cases where you just want a pop of color or to add personality, you can get away with just one accent chair.

A Variety of Accent Chair Options at Raleigh’s Capital Bargain Barn

There are so many accent chair sizes, shapes and styles available on the market today. This makes finding your ultimate seating more difficult. But at Capital Bargain Barn, we sell limited quantities of our customers’ favorite styles. Our inventory is constantly updating, so you can find your perfect chair on our Facebook page, website or in our store. We are located near Cary, so getting to Capital Bargain Barn is convenient from all of the Triangle Area. Visit us today to find your new favorite chair!