1969 Volkswagen for sale

1969 Volkswagen Bus For Sale

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Everyone, Meet Flossy!

She is a 1969 Volkswagen Bus and is in excellent health. Has been garage kept for the last 10 of 11 years. Showing 87,000 miles but not sure how many times the speedometer has rolled if any. Had a total checkup about a year ago, all new brakes, emergency brake cable, bushings, etc…. Told the mechanic to check her out head to toe and fix anything that they found. They told us that the compression was very good for her age. Also, was one of the best 69’s they had seen in a while.

Come to find out that the previous owner had redone the engine and then parked her in the garage for the bulk of 10 years. We love this bus and have a blast driving her around town, get a lot of looks, waves, thumbs up and honks but we are very busy and just do not have a lot of extra time to show her off. She will be 50 years old in 2019, also Woodstock will be 50… We were planning on holding on to her until then but if we can find a good home for her now, will be glad to pass the keys along.. $24,000

1969 Volkswagen for sale 1969 Volkswagen for sale

1969 Volkswagen for sale in Raleigh1969 Volkswagen for sale in Raleigh NC

1969 Volkswagen for sale







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