13 Tips for Finding a Great Mattress

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MattressFew home furnishings are more difficult to decide upon than a mattress. This one item plays a significant role in how you feel on an everyday basis. It can even affect your health, with a bad choice causing or exacerbating back problems. But people who live in North Carolina are blessed by having some of the highest quality manufacturers right here close to home. At Capital Bargain Barn in Raleigh, we buy from these well-known brands and pass substantial savings on to you.

To help you decide on the right purchase from our top quality selection, consider the 13 tips for mattress shopping, below.

1. Get to know types and materials.

It is important to know the difference between mattress types and materials before you buy. Otherwise, you face the possibility of not liking your new set after only a few months. The most common types include:

  • Innerspring, made with traditional coils for a bouncy feel with strong support
  • Latex, with even more bounce than innerspring and added benefits of responsiveness and cooler sleep temperature
  • Memory foam, contouring to your body and providing pressure relief, but sometimes at warmer temperatures
  • Hybrid, combined softness and support with memory foam or latex on top of innerspring construction
  • Air, using an air pump for individualized firmness

Also, talk to your salesperson about firmness. Each type of mattress offers its own level of firmness for differing spine support. If you have back problems or conditions like sciatica, firmness is a particularly important consideration.

2. Talk to your doctor for recommendations.

If you have spinal problems, a back condition or neck problems, talk to your doctor or physical therapist before buying a new mattress. You need to pay particular attention to spinal alignment when buying your new sleep surface. It is important for your neck and lower back to stay neutrally positioned during your sleep.

3. Try different mattresses before making your final decision.

Never feel embarrassed about getting onto a mattress in the store before making a buying decision. In fact, you should try out multiple options. Lie down on each one and take a moment to see how they feel. Also judge how they feel after sitting up and when you trying to move from sitting to standing.

4. Avoid gimmicky sales lingo.

Pay little attention to labeling of particular brands or types as “orthopedic” or “medically approved.” These are gimmicks not based on actual endorsement by a medical organization or society. Some of these possibly feature orthopedic attributes. But your body is the ultimate judge of whether each option is orthopedic-friendly for you.

5. Not everyone needs firm support.

Many people believe that “firm is better.” But studies actually show that people with low back pain sleep better on medium-firm support. But if you do want a firm sleep surface, you have options in firm support but with a softer feeling. Not every firm choice has to feel like sleeping on a hard surface.

6. Consider other customers’ reviews.

Pay less attention to manufacturers’ claims than you do to other customers’ reviews. People who own the product and provide an unbiased review are not paid to do so. They relay their actual experience. Just remember to compare a mix of positive and negative reviews to find common threads that should affect your buying decision.

7. Mine social media for recommendations.

On your social media accounts, ask your friends for their input and suggestions. You may have people in your circle who can make recommendations. Because you know these people, you can easily assess whether to take their advice.

8. Consider adjustable options.

Some people sleep better in a more upright position. If you fall asleep in a recliner and like that position better than lying on a flat surface, consider an adjustable bed. For many people, adjustable mattresses relieve lower back pain and pressure for a better night’s sleep.

9. Ask about trial periods and return policies.

Buying a mattress is a long-term decision. You will likely sleep on this surface for 10 years or more. This makes it important to inquire about trial periods, the time allowed for you to determine if you made the right purchasing decision. You should also look for free returns, in the event you do not feel satisfied with the choice.

10. Review the warranty.

Like any other consumer product, a mattress can have defects or fall apart. Ideally, your final choice should carry a 10 year warranty with full replacement guarantee.

11. Invest in a mattress cover.

A waterproof mattress cover prevents spills from damaging your sleep surface. A stain typically voids a warranty, no matter how defective the product. A cover also helps your mattress last longer and can prove more hygienic, too.

12. Do not let prices infer quality.

Do not fall in the trap of believing that a more expensive mattress is a better one. The price tag does not guarantee you will sleep better if you make that more costly choice.

13. Check out the great selection of top quality mattresses at Capital Bargain Barn in Raleigh.

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